by wilder Thing

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written, performed and recorded by
wilder Thing // Sept. 2014 - Nov. 2014

hunter finden hits it hard on track 7
ethan andrews aces it on 4 + 8

they are cool.


released March 1, 2015

thanks // parents, emily + paul, hunter, ethan, buds + babes, dirty dave monsoon, 243, treats, maine and you.

sweet pizza



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Sweet Pizza Portland, Maine

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Track Name: freakatropic
I see the future
I see the past
I see the devil red in your green eyes at the bottom of a whiskey glass

I don't try to read your mind
but it's opened up like a book
so I'll just take a look

I saw your brain
turn into a snake

a freakatropic tide washed over my eyes
and my vision was never the same
Track Name: the fall
sweet summer grass
grew too long
now you're gone
feel in the night
all alone
all your friends have gone

hills turn to red
orange skies
darker days
green eyes kissed me
then she smiled
as the fall took her away
Track Name: acid baby
come down acid baby
you spooked a ghost and it made you tweak
met a creep who made you unhappy
then you found your hazy way to sleep

starry eyed acid baby
you went a little bit crazy
dropped into the mind of a freak
then you dropped out of reality

come down acid baby
a swirling storm of oceans and streams
inside and upside down
now they're all alone without a sound
Track Name: in glorious black and white
all around me the colors fade
they fade away
into greys

all around me trees lose their hair
it's everywhere
the branches bare

I crunch
through mud and grime
and sea foam ice
that's fading to white
the colors
I used to see in my head
I want them back
green is dead

in glorious black and white
the shade of grey are light
and it's hard to see clear cut lines
through greens and baby blues
the colors get diffused
so much so they fade and lose their hue
Track Name: heavy tree
leave all that's left of me
by the heavy tree
and see all you can see
when I am in the leaves

leave all that's left of me
by the heavy tree
and see all you can see
when roots take hold of me

deep in the forest green
the trees aren't what they seem
their roots are squirming fiends

buried underneath the moss
a man who couldn't crawl
away from his sweet fate
Track Name: insect friends
my house is haunted, the bugs are crawling
into my head
out of the walls, Mr. Centipede scuttles
into my head

and when everyone else is dead
I'll be left with my insect friends

Flies and roaches
crooked croaks
in my head
my mind collapses as the spider legs grasp
and then the rat king said

when everyone else is dead
I'll be left with my insect friends
Track Name: the growler
up from the sea
it cannot sleep
seaweed in it's teeth
it needs to feed

it's covered in flies
from fisherman skies
it's got a barnacle eye
and it will never die

it'll rip through your town
while the village sleeps so sound
it will feast on your children
then the growler will hide again

I'm the growler
I'm the midnight prowler
and I'm waiting for you
I'm the growler
I haunt the harbor
and I'm waiting for you